Associate Producer
David is passionate about the past.  Get him talking about the history of the Wends (or Germans), Texas history, Lutheran history, Concordia University Texas history, or the history of his own family, and you'll quickly understand the depth of his love for history.
David played a central role in our 2009 documentary Crossing Jordan: The History & Relocation of Concordia University Texas. Besides participating in multiple on-camera interviews for the documentary, David - an alum of Concordia - helped organize the reunion of the 1960's generation of alumi.  The 'One Last Time' reunion ended up becoming a recurring theme throughout the documentary.
David's heartfelt approach, both on-screen and off, added sentiment and honesty to the piece. The scenes between David and crusty former Navy cook, Walter Swarthout, who served as Concordia's cook during David's student days, showcase the bond of a very special friendship. 
David worked hard to track down Walter so we could tell that story.  Not out of some sort of hubris but because it represented one of the types of relationships that Concordia fostered.  In other words, it served the story very well.
Watching those scenes for the first time, you will be touched. But on a seond viewing you won't be able to watch them without a lump in your throat. They are fine examples of the storytelling poignancy David helped bring to Crossing Jordan and that he strives to bring to every documentary project he helps produce.
Today, David serves TR Stories through project research & development as well as client relations.  He aides in historical research for select projects. Occassionally, he also serves as a field producer, interviewing select individuals on-camera for many of our productions.