Telling Real Life Stories

A documentary is designed to give a factual record of some sort through visual media, in particular video or film. It is essentially a non-fiction movie that attempts to 'document' or capture reality.  As filmmakers we might make a documentary based upon an interest in a particular subject matter, or to highlight an issue that has not been brought to the attention of viewers previously, or that is unique in some way.  Clients may want a project produced as a documentary to bring gravity and authenticity to a certain subject matter.  
Crossing Jordan
The History & Relocation of Concordia University Texas
Garnering an Award of Commendation in 2010 from Concordia Historical Institute, Crossing Jordan takes viewers back in time on a nostalgic tour of Concordia University Texas' origins and growth through the decades.  See and hear the sights and sounds of the original campus and visit with former professors and friends. 
However, this documentary is more than the story of Concordia's past.  It is also the story of the unfolding history of Concordia as it relocates its campus from urban downtown Austin to the rolling hills of Northwest Austin.  
Told through the eyes of former and current faculty, staff and students, Crossing Jordan is a unique film weaving past and unfolding histories together in an alternating narrative of sentiment, anecdotal glimpses, and slice-of-life moments that capture the heart of what is means to be part of Concordia history!
Crossing Jordan was produced as a documentary project in order to capture history in a dramatic and real way.  But one of the strongest reasons for doing this particular project as a documentary was to break away from the past – to define this "new" Concordia beginning by separating it from previous Concordia video projects which had been very PR-centric in their nature.   Developing a more approachable tone in the piece helped generated authetic conversation about Concordia's history and what the institution truly has meant to its faculty, staff, alumni and friends.


We just watched Crossing Jordan for the first time tonight.  May I just say - WOW. Just WOW! I LOVED IT - so beautifully done, and it just captured everything. I actually learned some things too - like where Riemer's "Walk With Light" started from! THANK YOU so much for that film - will definitely watch it again.  – Laura A.
Watching "Crossing Jordan." Thanks for this! Great work! – Rev. Steve M.
My husband and I watched the DVD on Sunday afternoon and both of us were dad was in that first class and I saw him in that picture---how awesome was that!!!  Tim Ristow and Dave Goeke did a fantastic job--much applause to both of them...I will share it with all three of our daughters--     – Sherry L.