Award-Winning Work

TR Stories has won numerous awards for its work, including a Videographers Award, two Telly Awards, a Concordia Historical Institute Award, a Religious Communicators Council DeRose-Hinkhouse Award, a Concordia Communicators Award, a Davey Award, an Emmy for work on the Downtown TV series segment “New Urbanism” and a second Concordia Historical Institute Award for “Crossing Jordan”, a history documentary about the relocation of Concordia University Texas.

1998 – Present

TR Stories began full-time operations in July 2000, initially under the name Seventy Times Seven Media. The original goal was to provide cost-effective, professional video production services for churches, ministries and non-profits. By 2003, the company found firm footing and began to grow. As the company grew so did the opportunities for founder and producer, Tim Ristow.

Since that humble beginning, TR Stories has produced hundreds of videos for a wide range of clientele, in markets ranging from commercial, education, government, public relations, legal, medical, ministry and technology, among many others.

By 2007, Ristow had honed his skill-set and focused efforts on producing a wider range of content, including documentaries, and developing a more cinematic style of production as well as expanded ventures into online distribution and even independent projects.

TR Stories has been honored to work with a wide-range of talents and personalities over the years, from former president George W. Bush to former Cowboys linebacker Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson, from religious scholar & author Paul Maier to Catholic priest Father Richard Neuhaus, from musician Willie Nelson to Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. In 2009, Ristow had the privilege of working alongside renowned Director of Photography Robert Bock (How William Shatner Change the World) for a National Geographic Channel special titled "Decoding Dinosaurs" produced by Veriscope Productions.

Over The Years